Michael Woodbeck

President and Head of Training

By refining and building on the most successful techniques of his own experience over the last 25 years, Michael Woodbeck has doubled the sales of every business or division assigned to him, most within 12 to 18 months. He has worked with organizations and sales professionals as a consultant, trainer and business-growth expert. He has identified and developed the key impact areas of the sales cycle that are proven to be the main building blocks of truly great sales companies, and he has successfully applied these areas to more than 50 different industries.

When you see how methodical Michael’s approach is, you will understand immediately how he can assure dramatic sales increases. Michael is a genius in his discipline. He is very strategic-minded, but his even stronger ability is determining the systems, the process, and the procedures that drive, sustain and replicate a system so a company can grow and become a success. This is what I think is missing in most entrepreneurial companies.” says Hugh Sonnenberg, former Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Black & McDonald.

Michael, a certified Trainer and Master Coach, has proven that he can dramatically impact the performance of any salesperson, no matter their experience, by focusing intently on them being viewed as the “Trusted Advisor” in their industry.

Michael Woodbeck is also a devoted father and husband, which he calls “my greatest accomplishment.”