Sales Training

Sales Training

Selling in the New Age™

A Relationship-Based, Needs-Focused Approach to Sales

Forget everything you’ve been taught about selling — forget the hard sell, forget negotiation strategies, forget those closing techniques.  Selling in the New Age™ exposes the familiar myths about “sales skills,” and reveals that those tired methods are too shallow and manipulative to do anything but alienate potential clients and drain you of energy and dignity. Today’s consumers are wise to the old-fashioned gimmicks, extremely informed about their options, and very particular about what they want. The old sales tactics simply do not work, nor do they build trusted relationships.

Selling in the New Age™ will open your eyes to a whole new truth about selling: Your ability to sell is more a question of who you are rather than what you know about selling. Essentially, why you sell is far more important than how you sell.

Salespeople perform according to their inner beliefs about themselves, what they believe is possible to sell and earn, and what they believe they deserve to achieve. These beliefs set the boundaries of their self-image and ultimately determine their success or failure.

Selling in the New Age™ establishes a groundbreaking new paradigm that will utterly transform your philosophy and practice of selling. Let’s be honest, you know what your prospects and customers are thinking. Every time you interact with them, they’re evaluating you and asking themselves, “Is this a person or company I want to work with on a long-term basis?”

If they feel pressure from you, the answer is no.

If they feel like you’re trying too hard to be liked, the answer is no.

If they don’t think you understand them or their business, the answer is no.

If they get overwhelmed by what you’re saying, the answer is no.

So what makes them say, “Yes, I want to work with you!”

In this unique sales training program, you will develop your selling skills by putting the emphasis on relationship-based, needs-focused sales. Learn how to sell without being aggressive, needy or desperate. Selling in the New Age™ program is based on the concept that buyers know the outcomes they want to achieve. By implementing collaborative and respectful conversations, focused specifically on the customers’ needs you distinguish yourself as a trusted advisor whom achieves extraordinary results.

In this sales training program you will learn:

  • The 5 Key Principles of Selling which are the foundation to becoming a successful salesperson in the “New Age.”
  • How to conduct successful sales meetings that build trust and develop you as a trusted advisor in your industry.
  • A step-by-step process for having clear, meaningful, customer-focused conversations.
  • How to practically eliminate rejection.
  • Increased pride and confidence in how you sell.
  • How to 2x, 3x and even 10x your sales without being a pushy salesperson.
  • How to sell with integrity and congruency to establish a win-win situation for you and your clients

Selling in the New Age™ program will show you that selling is not something you do to people; it’s something you do for and with them.

For more information contact:

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Giuseppe Strazzeri, Mortgage Broker, AMP, The Mortgage Centre

As a result of implementing the 5-Step Sales Process, our sales grew 18% in November, 31% in December and 56% in January…the largest and fastest growth in our company’s history! I thank you Michael and hope that every business owner and salesperson has the opportunity to work with you…it will make all the difference.

D. Gerard.

This workshop is the best sales-building system I have encountered. I’ve been in sales for over 15 years and thought I knew it all. I would strongly recommend ANY business owner to participate in this program if you are EVER given the opportunity. It will be one of the BEST investments you can make in your business.

Radha Soni, Manager of Employer Relations, Goodwill Employment Services
The knowledge and insight gained from Michael Woodbeck’s Sales Training was by far the best professional development training I have experienced. My expectations were exceeded. Michael’s ability to build rapport with the group, cater to the needs of every participant and foster an environment for teambuilding and visionary formation are only some of the qualities that set his workshop apart from the rest. The workshop left us with tools we could implement to see results immediately and many concepts to bring our organization to the next operating level. I highly recommend Michael Woodbeck to any organization/individual looking to succeed.

Kevin Maclean
With over 22 years in business, I thought I’d heard it all. I’ve taken tons of courses (literally everything) and have always looked for better ways to grow my business. The only thing I’ve seen lately, that I have to say can really make a difference in the cluttered world of today, is Michael’s NLP and Sales course. Just sign-up, it’s a small investment in time with a huge return.
Neil Chambers
I have TREMENDOUSLY benefited from being part of the program. It has TOTALLY changed the way I think about my market, my products, my sales process and my marketing in my business. I’m in the process of launching a new company now and I’m putting to use EVERYTHING Michael has taught me. I feel I have the clarity and the confidence for TOTAL success.

Nancy Stevens
As an already successful business owner I thought I knew it all. But right from the start of the program your ideas and concepts have not only opened new markets to me, but most importantly have provided me a new way of looking at every marketing venture I undertake. Your marketing methods have expanded my business and my future business outlook tremendously. I expect double-digit growth this year which is something I haven’t had in over 10 years!
John Gallagher , Toronto
Using your techniques, I increased my business by 27% in eight months. More impressively, I have gotten about three times the number of reactivated customers I used to!